Monday, November 16, 2009

The reluctant blogger

I have been stalking many blogs for a few weeks now. This has become my favorite pastime (The boss would refer to this as an obsession)! I have been dying to jump in and try my hand at this wonderful new world. Yet I have been reluctant to put myself out there! Will I be able to even compare to these talented women? Will anyone understand my point of view? Well here I go! Wish me luck!

I have been inspired by so many of the blogs to get out the elusive sewing machine. There have not been many good times spent attempting to teach myself to sew. I am ashamed to admit that dear hubby (the boss) has had to show me many times how to thread the machine, sew a somewhat straight stitch and talk me down from frustration. This has been my nemesis and I refuse to let it get me down again.

With ambitious plans I set forth to make a pillow that I had been dreaming up for quite some time. I had a burlap monogram from a bag that is no longer with us. I loved this bag and especially loved the monogram. I immediately realized that the piece would not be sewn on as an oval shape. Square and simple was the plan. My first mistake was not leaving enough burlap to give a nice fringed edge. Several other plans quickly failed and after a long and painstaking amount of time, I have a pillow. Obviously not the one I had planned on but one I can live with. For now! Any suggestions?


  1. So glad you took the challenge and started blogging. No need to compare yourself to anyone...just be your wonderful self!!!! We each have gifts and talents that no one can compare to...I am excited to have you joining our blogging family!!!

    Your pillow is delightful...sometimes I just let something sit for a while till I get my "epiphany"...then it all comes together!

    Happy Blogging!!!

  2. Thanks for the warm welcome! I am excited to get started! Keep visiting!